Ensuring your memories never fade

We convert your analog photos and videos to a digital format so they last longer and are easily sharable with your loved ones.

Box of old photographs

Your Family archive of old photos and videos are stashed away, trapped in an attic collecting dust...

Modern Memories converts your analogue photos and videos into digital files that can be shared, protected, and enjoyed for years and generations to come. Each image or video is individually scanned, adjusted, and returned to you safe and sound along with a thumb drive containing decades or even centuries of your images.

With your photos and videos stored digitally, you can share your images online, text them to friends and family, or make some popcorn and invite the whole family over for a movie night of old home videos.

Handled with Care

Your families archive never needs to be shipped through the mail. We offer pickup and delivery service throughout Southwest New Hampshire and Southeastern Vermont. We also have drop off locations in Keene, New Hampshire as well.

Old VHS tapes to DVDs