Frequently Asked Questions

We always provide job specific estimates for each of our orders. Age, fragility, level of restoration, as well as a variety of factors and options will affect the pricing. To give you an idea of our pricing: most prints, slides, and negatives can be scanned for as low as 50 cents a piece, and videos for as low as $12 per hour. Those that are very delicate, less common formats or needing restoration will cost more.

Depending on the size of your order, it will be returned to you on either a CD, a USB thumb drive or a portable USB Hard Drive. We recommend customers either order a second copy with their order, or make a copy themselves for safe-keeping. Ideally this second copy should be stored in a safety deposit box.

Our offices and production facility are located at 64 Main St, Keene NH, however we only accept orders at this location by appointment. 

We always provide job specific estimates for the completion of your order. This will be affected by the size and complexity of your order. Because each image and video needs to be individually scanned it can be a time consuming process, but most orders can be completed in 2 to 6 weeks.  

While we launched Modern Memories in 2019, we have been in business for 12 years, under the name Monadnock Imaging. As Monadnock Imaging we provided the highest quality film developing and printing services. However over the years many of our customers came back to us, asking how they could preserve their years of memories. Thus, Modern Memories was born. We are very proud to have been caring for the regions pictures for all these years, and because of it our staff brings years of experience in scanning, digitizing and art reproduction. 

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